2018年6月18日 星期一

The #MeToo Movement #MeToo 打破沉默文化 全球性侵受害者勇敢發聲

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The #MeToo Movement  #MeToo 打破沉默文化 全球性侵受害者勇敢發聲
by Ivy Liu

This viral campaign shines a light on sexual harassment victims and empowers them.



  In October of 2017, a two-word hashtag flooded the internet and galvanized people to speak out against sexual assault and harassment. Women shared their harrowing stories and gave people a sense of the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment. According to the United Nations, one-third of all women in the world have experienced physical or sexual violence in their life, most of which is committed by people they know personally. Oftentimes, the perpetrator goes unpunished, either because their victims felt no one would believe them or because they were too powerful. In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against high-profile men, and their subsequent fall from grace, #MeToo took social media by storm thanks to American actress Alyssa Milano, who took to Twitter to encourage victims to tweet #MeToo and share their stories. Over the course of several days, more than six million men and women in 85 countries used the hashtag.
  #MeToo was originally started by Tarana Burke in 2006; she is program director for the nonprofit organization Girls for Gender Equity, which is an empowering movement for women of color who survived sexual exploitation, abuse, and assault. To her, the statement declares "I am not ashamed" and "I'm not alone," while also communicating between survivors, "I see you, I hear you, I understand you, and I'm here for you."
  While the news focused on the predators in media and Hollywood, the fact of the matter is that they are in every industry, from academia to music. It goes to show that the frequency of these actions hints at the scale of misogyny in the fabric of society. Something has got to give now that the curtains have been drawn.

1. What happened in October of 2017?
(A) An increase in the number of sexual assaults.
(B) A female-only group had a poetry reading.
(C) A hashtag helped people talk more openly against sexual harassment.
(D) The United Nations met to discuss women's issues.

2. What is true about the sexual crimes committed against women?
(A) They are uncommon because swift action is taken against perpetrators.
(B) They are only committed by powerful men in Hollywood.
(C) They are usually committed by people who know their victims intimately.
(D) They are experienced by two-thirds of women worldwide.

3. What is the implied importance of talking between survivors?
(A) To empathize with each other and heal from their experience.
(B) To discuss ways of making speeches against sexual violence.
(C) To create legal groups that ensure their perpetrators go to jail.
(D) To appeal to high-profile men in order to make their experiences known.

4. What is the most likely meaning of "something has got to give" in the article?
(A) Perpetrators need to give to charities.
(B) Victims must give up their careers to seek justice.
(C) People must give up their things in order for their lives to change.
(D) Things cannot keep going on the way they are.


viral a. 瘋狂流傳的;病毒引起的
: go viral  快速散播,廣為流傳
hashtag n. 主題標籤;井號
galvanize vt. 激勵;激起
harrowing a. 慘痛的,令人痛心的
magnitude n. 巨大,重要性
perpetrator n. 犯罪者
unpunished a. 未受處罰的
misconduct n. 行為不良
allegation n. 指控;宣稱
high-profile a. 備受矚目的
tweet vt. 在推特網站上留言/張貼訊息
equity n. 公平,公正
exploitation n. 剝削
: exploit vt. 剝削,利用
predator n. 掠食者;肉食動物
academia n. 學術界;學術環境
misogyny n. 厭女情結
fabric n. 結構;布料
swift a. 快速的;敏捷的

1. speak out against...  大聲反對/公開抗議……
Let's all speak out against domestic violence.
*domestic violence  家庭暴力

2. in the wake of...  隨/繼……之後
: a wake of...  ……的結果
A plague followed in the wake of the war.
*plague n. 瘟疫
The riots occurring in London caused a wake of destruction across the city.
*riot n. 暴動

3. take... by storm  席捲……,使……為之風靡
When the Harry Potter books were first published, they took the world by storm.

4. hint at...  暗示……
Our general manager hinted at the possibility of opening a new branch next summer.

5. empathize with...  與……有同感
empathize vi. 有同感;移情
Ben's most admirable quality is his great ability to empathize with others.
*admirable a. 值得欽佩的;值得讚揚的

In October of 2017, a two-word hashtag flooded the internet and galvanized people to speak out against sexual assault and harassment.
   assault n. & vt. 攻擊,襲擊
: make an assault on...  攻擊……
The enemy made an assault on the capital last night.
The criminal assaulted the owner of the store during the robbery.

1. harassment n. 騷擾
: harass vt. 騷擾,煩擾
The meeting will tackle the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.
*tackle vt. 處理,應付
Lucy threatened to call the police if her ex-husband kept harassing her.

2. empower vt. 賦予……力量;授權
The president is empowered to declare war.

3. flood vt. 淹沒;湧進 & n. 水災;洪水
: be flooded with...  大量湧進……
The company was flooded with complaint letters.
Mudslides and floods destroyed many people's houses and left them homeless.
*mudslide n. 土石流

4. commit vt. 犯(罪),做(錯事)
Many crimes committed by teenagers are associated with TV violence.
*be associated with...  和……有關聯

5. subsequent a. 隨後的
: subsequently adv. 隨後地
Willy made it through the first round of the spelling bee but failed the subsequent one.
Lena went to court and was subsequently fined US$5,000.
*court n. 法院

6. originally adv. 起初,原先
: original a. 最初的,本來的
New York was originally a Dutch colony.
*colony n. 殖民地
Let's stick with the original plan for now.
*stick with...  持續……

7. declare vt. 宣布;宣稱
The rebel took over the throne and declared himself king.
*rebel n. 叛徒

8. ashamed a. 感到羞愧的
: be ashamed of...  因……感到羞愧/丟臉
Kevin was ashamed of the way he had acted when he was drunk last night.

9. intimately adv. 親密地;詳細地
: intimate a. 親密的
an intimate friend  密友
As the couple met at the station, they embraced intimately.
Betty is one of Fiona's intimate friends.

10. ensure vt. 確保,保證
You should take precautions to ensure your safety while traveling abroad.
*take precautions to V  採取預防措施(做)……
precaution n. 預防措施


#MeToo 打破沉默文化 全球性侵受害者勇敢發聲


  2017 年十月,網路上充斥著一組兩個字的主題標籤,激勵人們公開反對性侵與性騷擾。眾多婦女分享她們的悲慘故事,好讓人們理解性騷擾問題的嚴重性。根據聯合國表示,世界上有三分之一的女性一生中都經歷過肢體暴力或性暴力,且大多數是由她們認識的人所犯下。加害者往往不會受到懲罰,由於受害者認為沒有人會相信她們,或是因為他們太有權勢。在一些備受矚目的男性遭指控犯下性犯罪並隨即失去人們的信任之後,#MeToo 席捲了社群媒體,這一切都要歸功於美國女演員艾莉莎•米蘭諾,她上推特鼓勵受害者張貼 #MeToo 貼文並分享她們的故事。幾天之內,在八十五個國家中的六百多萬名男女都紛紛使用這個主題標籤。
  #MeToo 起初是由塔拉娜•柏克於 2006 年所發起;她是非營利組織「女孩追求性別平等」的計畫負責人,該組織為經歷性剝削、性虐待與性侵而倖存的有色人種婦女帶來正面力量的運動。對她而言,這一聲明陳述:「我不感到可恥」和「我並不孤獨」並且也在倖存者之間傳達這個訊息:「我看到妳、我聽見妳、我理解妳,而我支持妳。」


1. 2017 年的十月發生了什麼事?
(A) 性侵的數量增加。
(B) 一個女性團體一起朗誦詩歌。
(C) 一個主題標籤幫助人們更加公開地反對性騷擾。
(D) 聯合國開會以討論婦女議題。
題解:根據本文第一段,2017 年十月,網路上充斥著一組兩個字的主題標籤,激勵人們公開反對性侵與性騷擾,故 (C) 項應為正選。

2. 關於針對婦女所犯下的性犯罪,下列哪一項敘述為真?
(A) 它們相當罕見,因為很快就會採取行動對抗犯罪者。
(B) 它們只由好萊塢的權勢人物所犯下。
(C) 它們通常是由受害者所熟識的人所犯下。
(D) 全世界有三分之二的女性都曾有過這樣的經驗。
題解:根據本文第一段,根據聯合國表示,世界上有三分之一的女性一生中都經歷過肢體暴力或性暴力,且大多數是由她們認識的人所犯下,故 (C) 項應為正選。

3. 倖存者之間的交流有什麼隱含意義?
(A) 同情彼此並從他們的經驗中復原。
(B) 討論進行反對性暴力演講的方式。
(C) 創立確保犯罪者入獄的法律團體。
(D) 求助於備受矚目的男性好讓大家得知他們的經驗。
題解:根據本文第二段,塔拉娜•柏克的聲明陳述:「我不感到可恥」和「我並不孤獨」並且也在倖存者之間傳達這個訊息:「我看到妳、我聽見妳、我理解妳,而我支持妳。」,故 (A) 項應為正選。

4. 本文中的 "something has got to give" 最接近的意思是什麼?
(A) 犯罪者必須捐助慈善機構。
(B) 受害者必須放棄他們的職涯以尋求正義。
(C) 人們必須放棄自己的東西才能改變生活。
(D) 事情不能維持現狀。
題解:something has got to give 意指「事情必須有所改變」,與 (D) 項敘述最為接近,故為正選。
1. C 2. C 3. A 4. D



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