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Battle of the Beasts–Man Vs Octopus 怪獸之戰 ── 人與章魚

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Battle of the Beasts–Man Vs Octopus  怪獸之戰 ── 人與章魚
by Evan Witkowski

Eight-legged octopuses have a vast range of defenses, but they are still hunted by humans.

   The earliest adventurers on the seven seas returned home to trade stories of deadly monsters lurking in deep waters. Myths and legends about the Kraken or Leviathan are believed to be based on sightings of enormous creatures like the giant squid and the giant Pacific octopus, which can grow to be up to a hundred pounds with tentacles spanning 16 feet long. For National Geographic's Battle of the Beasts─Man Vs Octopus, we get to see who would win in a fight to the death between an average person and the giant cephalopods that are said to overturn entire ships and eat their victims alive.
  It might seem like a no-brainer, but the show takes a closer look at the intelligence, problem solving skills, adaptation, strength, and flexibility of the giant Pacific octopus. With real life footage, it shows how these skills would benefit or hinder the deep sea creature. One of their adaptive features is that octopuses can change their color, shape, and texture to match their surroundings. Among the invertebrates, octopuses are known to be the most intelligent, and they can live at depths of up to 6,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.
  One of the show's producers, Sue Houghton, is quoted as saying, "The show was initially inspired by the giant Pacific octopus wrestling competitions from the '50s and '60s. Divers would wrestle with these 'sea monsters' and try to pull them out of the ocean to weigh them, with the largest and heaviest awarded a prize. This doesn't happen today, but it made us wonder what other challenges might confront humans and octopuses." That's an interesting question, but we would rather have National Geographic explain it instead of finding out firsthand.


1. octopus n. 章魚(單數形)
: octopuses n. 章魚(複數形)
= octopi n.

2. defense n. 防禦,保衛;自我防衛
: defense mechanism  防禦機制
mechanism n.(身體的)機制
The actor put his defenses up while the reporters were asking him personal questions.

3. lurk vi. 潛伏,潛藏,埋伏
None of us were aware that a sniper was lurking in the bushes.
*sniper n. 狙擊手

4. enormous a. 巨大的,龐大的
The earthquake left an enormous crack running down the middle of the road.
*crack n. 裂縫

5. span vt.(空間)橫跨;(時間)涵蓋
The US spans about 3,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
The nun's work with orphans spans over half a century.

6. overturn vt. & vi.(使)翻覆
The rough water overturned their boat.
*rough a.(海象、天氣等)狂暴的
The car overturned after skidding.
*skid vi. 滑行

7. victim n. 受害者
: fall victim to...  成為……的受害者
= fall prey to...
Many people fell victim to the Ebola virus, and yet their families could do nothing about it.

8. no-brainer n. 簡單的問題,不用動腦筋的事

9. intelligence n. 智力,聰明
: intelligent a. 聰明的;有才智的
Angelina is known for her intelligence.
Ben is a highly intelligent child, so it's hard to fool him.

10. adaptation n. 適應(與介詞 to 並用);改編(與介詞 of 並用)
: adapt vt. 使適應;改編
adapt oneself to N/V-ing  適應……
This lizard's brown skin is an adaptation to the desert.
*lizard n. 蜥蜴
The director is working on a film adaptation of this short novel.
When you go to a new country, you have to adapt yourself to its customs.
*custom n. 風俗,習俗

11. footage n. 影片(片段)

12. hinder vt. 妨礙
The situation hindered our pace and caused a lot of trouble.

13. surface n. 表面

14. wrestling n. 摔角
: wrestle vi.(與……)摔角
wrestle with...  與……摔角
Sumo wrestling is said to be the national sport of Japan.
The two boys wrestled with each other.

15. award vt. 授與,頒發
: be awarded sth  獲頒某物
Terry was awarded first prize in the essay competition.

16. confront vt. 面臨,遭遇
: be confronted with...  面臨……,遭遇……
We were confronted with many problems before the project was completed.

17. firsthand adv. 直接地,第一手地 & a. 第一手的
I heard it firsthand from Betty that she is quitting.
I have some firsthand news I want to tell you about.

squid n. 烏賊;魷魚
tentacle n. 觸手;觸角
cephalopod n. 頭足類動物
flexibility n. 靈活性
adaptive a. 有適應能力的
texture n. 質地;觸感
invertebrate n. 無脊椎動物
: vertebrate n. 脊椎動物

1. be believed to V  一般相信/被認為……
Acidic foods are believed to cause stomach cancer.
*acidic a. 酸性的

2. be based on...  以……為根據/基礎
The story is based on real events in the author's life.

3. up to...   多達……(之後接數字)
: add up to...  總計達……
= amount to...
On average, apples from that orchard can weigh up to one kilogram.
*orchard n. 果園
Our total purchases this morning added up to NT$2,000.

4. be said to V  據說……
: be reputed to V
Vicky is said to have more than 1,000 pairs of high heels in her collection.
*collection n. 收藏(品)

怪獸之戰 ── 人與章魚

    七大洋中最早的冒險家回到家鄉交換潛伏於深海的致命怪物的故事。一般相信,有關挪威海怪或利維坦的神話和傳說是以目睹像是巨型烏賊和太平洋巨型章魚的巨大生物為依據,這些生物可以長到一百磅重,觸手伸長可達十六英尺。在國家地理的《怪獸之戰 ── 人與章魚》節目中,我們會看到在普通人與據說會弄沉整艘船並生吞受害者的巨型頭足類動物(編按:頭足類動物在分類上屬於軟體動物門的頭足綱;牠們全為海生,肉食性,身體兩側對稱,分頭、足、軀幹三部分。)間的生死戰中誰會勝出。


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